CampusBookHound Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my books?
To sell your book:
  1. Enter the ISBN of the book you wish to sell.
  2. Once the search results are displayed select your book.
  3. You will then need to enter information about the book such as the condition and price for which you would like to sell it.
  4. You can then list more books or proceed to make a payment by clicking the Pay Now button. Once payment is made the book listing will show on the Site and is searchable by other students to bid.
How do I set a price to buy a book?
You should come up with a fair price based on what you paid originally and the current condition of the book. Our recommendation is to list it at below book-store prices but above the book-store buy back price.
How many books can I sell?
There are no limits on how many books you can sell.
Is there a fee to sell my book?
CampusBookHound charges $1.00 for each book that you list to sell.
How do I get paid?
When you (as a seller) accept a bid from the potential buyer, the email address will be displayed for you to initiate contact. You can then contact them via email and arrange to meet to exchange the book for the agreed payment. It is our recommendation, that you meet during daytime, in a public place to make the exchange.
How do I get the contact information of the buyer?
After you (as the seller) accept a bid, the contact email address of the buyer will be displayed under "My Account" - "My Book Listings and Received Bids". Click on the "Details" links under the book you have listed and the contact email will be displayed there.
How long can I keep a book on the sell list?
Each book can stay listed for as long as you want.
How do I remove a book from the sell list?
To avoid users from accidentally deleting their listing, this functionality is currently not available. If you wish to have a book "unlisted", send us an email with your details and the book that you wish to be "Unlisted". We will unlist the book for you.
How do I re-list a book to sell if the buyer did not purchase the book as agreed?
We understand that sometimes the sale may not occur for various reasons. In those cases, simple return back to your book listings, under "My Account". Select the book "details" option and you can then select on "Relist Book" to list the book.
What do I do if I have issues listing a book to sell?
If you have issues with listing a book to sell, contact CampusBookHound at Please include your PayPal transaction id when your contact us.
Can I list a book before I'm done using it?
Yes, you can list your book before you are ready to sell it. In fact, we encourage you to list books early to allow potential buyers enough time to place a bid.
How do I buy a book?
To Buy a Book
  1. Search for a book by entering the ISBN, Author or Title.
  2. Enter a bid for the book you wish to purchase. Note that to have a greater chance of your bid being accepted by the seller, you should bid at or higher than the price the seller has requested.
  3. If seller accepts your bid he/she will contact you via email to exchange the book for payment.
How do I pay for my books?
Type of payment for books is decided on between the buyer and the seller. We do recommend that you use Paypal (if you have a paypal account). If you decide to pay by cash, we recommend that you meet at a public place during daytime to make the exchange.
What is an ISBN?
The ISBN, abbreviated for the International Standards Book Number, is a 10 or 13 digit number which uniquely identifies a book or book like product.
Sample ISBN
Where can I find the ISBN?
The ISBN can be found in the following places:
  • On the bottom right side of the back cover right above the bar code.
  • On the copyright page.
What if my book does not have an ISBN?
At present, we only allow you to list books that are recognized by our system and they require an ISBN number. If you have supporting materials that are part of the book or class, you can add a comment under the book to say that you're selling the supporting material along with the book.
What do I do if I have technical issues while using the Site?
If you are experiencing any technical problems on the Site, please contact us at and we will investigate and resolve your issue.
How do I contact Campus Book Hound?
You can contact Campus Book Hound by email at or via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site.