CampusBookHound Services

CampusBookHound is the solution you have been waiting for! We give you the freedom to sell books for the price you want and buy them for the best deal possible. Sellers set the price, so you know you will get the most for your books, better than the bookstore's buy-back prices. Buyers bid on books at prices below the bookstore. Both the seller and the buyer get the best of both worlds.

How can CampusBookHound work for you? We take out the overhead involved in buying your books, cataloging them, and then reselling them by putting the power in your hands. You can buy and sell books locally at your own University or at surrounding colleges. Sellers only have to pay a listing fee of "$1" for each book that you list. You set the price you are willing to accept for your book. Buyers pay nothing to view listings of available books or bid on them. Sellers just pick the bid they want to accept and CampusBookHound sends them the Buyer's contact information so you can complete the sale. You can buy and sell on your own terms without having to worry about shipping.

There are no hidden fees and no surprises. We help you get the best value for your book. Registration and bidding is free! Why wait? Join us now! $1 can get you on your way to making back what you deserve for your books.